Grenade Hit Stickman

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Are you ready for the incredible experience of throwing grenades along the trajectory?
Break through the levels and destroy everything in your path! Send your enemies flying, blow up their bases and destroy their buildings!

Features of the game:
- there are many types of grenades in the game that will be unlocked as you progress through the levels. Each grenade has its own characteristics, such as explosion radius, destructive force, flight path
- when a grenade explodes, game objects can be destroyed: boxes, boards
- the grenade is thrown along the arc of the trajectory - you can easily control where the grenade will fall
- realistic physics
- the characters fly away from grenades in a very funny way. They may fall on top of each other or boxes may fall on them
- the grenade flies in an arc and bounces off various objects before exploding
- you can organize combos by destroying several opponents with one grenade