Rubiks Cube Conquer

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Exciting fights, constantly changing battlefield - this is Rubiks Cube Conquer.
If you like thinking games or Rubik's Cube games, you're in the right place.
In our game, you will have to think, while constantly being on the alert, because at any moment the cube can turn over and then if you were not careful enough, you will lose all your advantage.
For each victory you will receive a reward, before the start of the battle you can upgrade your abilities in order to come to the Rubiks cube field more prepared and defeat your opponents in a fair fight.
Collect all Rubik's Cubes by capturing them with logical thinking and lightning fast reactions.
The cube in our game is not simple, we can say that it is magical, so it will interfere in the battle, sometimes helping, and sometimes punishing carelessness. Ask why we called it "magic cube". Because its edges rotate on their own, changing the ratio of players in the game, sometimes it will help you, and sometimes it will hinder.
Why you should download our game
-it's exciting
-simple, yet beautiful and meditative gameplay
-if you fell asleep at the previous point, then the main feature of our game will help you, the cube can turn. Don't worry, you can manage to leave with your troops from there, but for this you need to maintain concentration, so this game will not let you get bored
-There is also an upgrade system, so you have to choose what to upgrade in order to increase your combat power as much as possible

Here is such a fascinating and insidious cube, be careful and be lucky!

Become a real conqueror on 3D cube's battlefield!